Is your vinyl new or used?

Both! Used vinyl will ALWAYS show used in the product title.

** Some new vinyl comes sealed from the factory, others come disassembled in a vinyl bag - regardless of how they ship these are BRAND NEW AND UNPLAYED, unless specifically stated otherwise.**


What is Mech On Demand?

Merch On Demand RULES. Everything in our "On Demand" section is printed to order, through one of the best on demand printers in the country: Printful. They use a Direct To Garment method that prints in full color right onto the material so it's soft and durable on apparel, and long lasting on accessories. Most of our favorite horror and metal shops use this option now (WWE, Season Of Mist, Fright Rags, Cavity Colors etc), as it allows us to cut out the overhead and offer our customers a huge array of designs and apparel options. ** All MOD comes straight from the print shop, so these items will ship separately from the rest of your order.**


Are your Blu Ray/4k new or used?

MOSTLY NEW. Any blu ray or 4k that is sold used, will be specifically marked as used in either the product title/description, or both. Looking for something and don't see it? Let us know, we'll see if we can get it for you!


Are the VHS new or used, what shape are they in?

MOSTLY USED. Any new/sealed VHS will specifically state they are new/sealed. And keep in mind, VHS are OLD.. Though some look excellent, others will certainly have dings, discoloration, tears, dents etc. - any and all flaws will be visible in pictures. Again almost all of them are used, and some have stickers and things that can be removed by you if they're adding to your collection. Just keep in mind, there will be wear and tear considering the ages of these.


Are VHS and Cassettes tested?

Yes! We make sure all of these play. Any issues will be noted.


Will you buy my old VHS, vinyl, and collectibles?

Absolutely! We are always looking for more horror, metal, and wrestling in these forms: VHS, retro video games, figures and collectibles, cassettes, and vinyl. 


 Do you have a brick and mortar location?

Not yet! We hope to have one someday.


Will you release my bands album?

Please feel free to mail or send your demos. We are always looking for old school death metal/extreme music genres, as well as any horror themed synth. Please understand that we can't release EVERYONE'S music, but if you think you're a good fit, we would love to hear it.

Email your demo to: gregory@haulofhorror.com

Mail your demo to:

The Haul of Horror
28 Chestnut St. APT 106
Foxboro, Ma 02035