deathmetal grindcore hardcore

Recently I've been on YouTube a lot these days looking for really sick live videos of bands I love, and seeing which recommended bands came next. I do this often, to try and find new bands, and on this night I struck gold with INGROWN.

Immediately I knew I was going to dig it. A three piece consisting of a guitarist/vocalist, bassist, and drummer. On top of that - this video started with some real nice feedback... Feedback always gets my attention. And what followed was about 15 minutes of pure mayhem. The energy and intensity was on full blast. Every riff seemed better than the last, and the energy is apparent and present throughout the entirety.

The rad news was, their recordings feature that same hard hitting energy as that YouTube video. I must have listened to "Gun", from 2021. This album features 11 songs, and is just over 14 minutes long. It's a quick, sharp BEATING of a record, from the second you press play. Bad luck starts fast and hard - keeping that pace with catchy hardcore style power chords leading you to a devastating fight/mosh riff. It's an excellent precursor to the second track, "Waste", that has a bit more stanky attitude to it. A little more down and dirty with some great grooving.

After starting off excellent, and in your face, that pace continues with Ingrown and they use every second of these 14 minutes to pummel you. My favorite example on this record would probably be "Shell". Some perspective on how much I dug this song? I first listened to this band on October 7th, 2022 - and according to my Spotify, it was my #1 song of the year. Again, like the rest of the record, it's got that filthy attitude, the attack, the catchy riffs... It's just so spectacular, and it'll have you wanting to punch the windows out of your car, or smash your roommate through your coffee table. Other notable songs that will keep your blood pumping in particular are: Hard Time, Snake Stomp, and Tough.

I recommend this album through and through. From the riffs, intense delivery, and super short run time - you'll be able to fit this banger in anytime.


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